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Tattoos: Between the Tribal and the Universal

from which the artist wishes to distinguish himself. By making use of old

techniques that sometimes undergo technological adaptations, the artist

expresses his art in a personal and intimate form and fashions a different

work of art …. The use of tattoos as an art challenges this material world,

and at the same time, expresses a yearning for the innocence and human

warmth of the past.”



The exhibition “Tattoos: The Human Body as a Work of Art” showcases

a selection of contemporary tattoo trends in Israel and beyond, in an

attempt to fashion a cultural-human mosaic through body art. The art of

tattooing provides us with the possibility of examining the manifestation

of the human psyche on the surface of the human body; as it spans back

thousands of years and reflects historical changes, development of trends,

social revolutions, and political agendas. The art of tattooing, hence, sheds

light on a gamut of topics related to the very essence of being human, our

social behaviors, our longings, and private desires. The culture of tattoo is

universal and that is why, for me, it expresses a humanistic message of the

very first degree.