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The Human Body as a Work of Art

Exhibition curator

: Yasmine Bergner

Curatorial advisor:

Irena Gordon

Scientific advisor for indigenous cultures and tattoo anthropology

: Dr. Lars Krutak

Research assistant

: Aviv Schoenfeld

Curator in charge

: Kineret Palti

Exhibition design

: Studio Omri Ben Artzi

Design assistant

: Or Gdalia

Graphic design

: Kobi Levy, Micaela Terk (The League)


: Sigal Benzoor, Marila Kon, Assaf Oron, Shira Landau

Multimedia editing

: Amir Ulrich

Catalogue Hebrew editing and production

: Gania Dolev

Catalogue design

: Moshe Mirsky

Scientific editing

: Bat-Ami Artzi (pp. 9e-25e)

English translation

: Tamar Gerstenhaber (pp. 7e-25e, 30e-49e, 63e-88e)

Hebrew translation

: Tamar Marcus (pp. 53-57, 97-101, 107-118)


: Leonid Padrul-Kwitkowski

English cover:

Kaakooa Project,


,Tel Aviv, 2014 / Tattoo artist: Avi Nassi

Hebrew cover:

Malkiella Benchabat and Dan Balilty,

Dafna at the beach

, 2016

Exhibition and catalogue courtesy of the Alexander Foundation


All Rights Reserved

Muza, Eretz Israel Museum, Tel Aviv

Israel, 2016