Flour Mill

In ancient times, the water-powered flour mill held a place of importance in the social and economic fabric of the community...

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Yael Garden

A new garden has been opened in the heart of the museum, and in its center a spectacular bird mosaic. The mosaic, which was...

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Old Fire Engine

In October 1947, the city of New York donated the fire engine on display to the Tel Aviv Volunteer Fire Brigade.  Manufactured by...

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Olive Oil Plant

Mentioned in the Bible as one of the seven species, olive trees have been characteristic of the Israeli landscape since ancient times...

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Mosaic Square

Collection of beautiful mosaic floors that originally adorned ancient prayer structures is the highlight of Mosaic Square. The floor...

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Tell Qasile Excavations

In the center of the museum complex rises Tell Qasile, one of the most fascinating and important archaeological sites in the...

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