The Alexander Museum of Postal History & Philately

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The evolution of the mail service in the Land of Israel is an intriguing window through which to view the myriad historical, social and political developments that have shaped this region. Dynamic, state-of-the-art installations and interactive multimedia exhibits provide an exciting  record of a living history.

Begin with a chronicle of the post in the Land of Israel from the mid-19th century though the establishment of the State of Israel. The story unfolds through envelopes and letters, photographs and posters, mailboxes and telephones, and a 1949 mail truck that transports the visitor back to the early days of nation building Moving forward in time, computer stations track the activity of the Israel Postal Company today. Survey the service's comprehensive collection of stamps under a magnifying glass, homing in on individual examples at the click of a button.

Other exhibits include a large-scale stamp album, where a chronological selection of Israeli stamps illustrates the changes in design and subject over the years, offering a unique narrative on the life of the country; and the philately wing, with its display of valuable and rare stamps.

The Museum also hosts a lecture hall, the Josef Jaglom library and a workshop for children.


The Alfred Goldschmidt Collection


Alexander Collection


Special Exhibits - Postcard without Borders