From Here to Madrid

 Volunteers from Palestine in the International Brigades in Spain, 1936-1938


Some 300 volunteers from the Jewish yishuv in Palestine went off to fight in the Spanish Civil War as part of the International Brigade. They left on their mission despite the opposition of their families, friends and the institutions, and against the explicit will of the British government that continually hounded them.

The exhibit follows the volunteers, explores their incentives and fate, against the background of the struggle of the Jewish yishuv in Palestine during the Arab Revolt, and Europe's decline into the atrocities of World War II.

The majority of volunteers were members of the communist party, others came from kibbutzim and the labor parties; they were all united in their ideological drive that perceived the Spanish Civil War as a global and fateful struggle between the forces of progress and democracy and the rebels who were supported by fascist Italy and Nazi Germany.

Documents, posters, photographs, films, testimonies, books, interviews with the Brigade veterans, propaganda pamphlets, press clippings, postal and philatelic items, medals, insignia and other items will exhibited.


Curators: Batya Donner, Rachel Bonfil

Closes: October 30, 2012