We Have a Champion!


A hundred years of football in Israel


It is believed that people began playing football in Jaffa and Rehovoth in 1912. Since then, football has gained a central place in the life of the country, to a large extent reflecting social, economic, cultural and political changes that have taken place. The football arena is a focal point for expressing passionate identification with the teams as well as animosity and tension; there are moments of extraordinary games as well as deep disappointment. The exhibit also deals with the game’s heroes – players, coaches, referees, fans, politicos, media people, politicians, business people, etc. Alongside the nostalgia that focuses on the football teams and stars over generations, the exhibit will also display the historical-political aspect that shows how football developed and grew out of the Zionist associations and how it was used for the purposes of political propaganda.
The exhibit focuses not only on the pitch, players and games, but also on the 12th player – the fans. These are the people who strengthen the game, constituting an integral part of the glory, energy and culture of Israeli football through their constant presence at the games. Their documentation through photographs, posters, fan videos, fan songs, as well as activist actions that border on the mystical/religious.
The material and content of the exhibit was taken from books, newspapers, academic articles and historical events that were recorded by the media as well as from the field – stories, experiences, opinions, photographs, films and knowledge, the source of which are the fans and the people who follow Israeli football on the pitch.


Curator: Dana Heler

Closes: June 9, 2012