Tourists in Israel

Leora Yerushalmi, photographs


Leora Yerushalmi photographs tourists from different countries touring Israel either in groups or individually. While viewing the photographs it appears that the moment we become tourists we all are alike: rushing from one site to the next one, searching on the map; the curiosity, the photographs we take, listening to the guide, and the stereotypical view of a new place which we are attempting to discover and decider.  All these are expressed in Leora Yerushalmi’s photographs, which grant us the double view of an Israeli artist who is looking at the foreign tourist, who in turn is looking at us and at our culture. Between the airport and the hotel room, between a photo on a camel and one of the Dome of the Rock, between the excitement felt at the scent of flowers

 and an xcursion in a sightseeing bus, the world of the average tourist is spread out before us. The need to document and take pictures of every location and every event is shared by most of us, as tourists, and Leora Yerushalmi commemorates - with an examining and humoristic eye – the desire to preserve and freeze the special moments of a trip, which will soon become a distant memory.


Curator: Kineret Palti

Opens: March 3

Closes: May 1 2011