Clay, Sensation

The Fifth Israeli Ceramics Biennale

 The Fifth Israeli Ceramics Biennale examines Israeli ceramics through the individual perspective of the participant artists. Through this all-embracing and comprehensive collection, which presents the works of 57 artists, one can identify the main focal points of this field today.
The exhibition presents the broad, if not complete, diversity of the Israeli ceramics endeavor. The perspective shown to the audience is personal. All the artists indicate the directions of thought which interest or concern them or in which they are involved. The endeavor in Israel's geographical periphery (where the majority of Israeli artists work) enables the artists to focus on their own bodies, emotions and the inner perspectives of the Israeli scene. In most cases the socio-political situation is ignored, but it emerges in the overall perception of the entire exhibition as a

 fascinating and surprising sub-stream.
The presentation of such a comprehensive collection indicates wider phenomena, which extend and expand the platform far beyond focused and personal expression.



Curator: Hagai Segev

Opens: December 5, 2008

Closes 2 May, 2009