The Wholesale Market - The End!

Photography: Gedalya Naveh


The vibrant wholesale market, which for over 50 years was an inseparable part of the Tel Aviv cityscape, has closed down. Over several months (from the end of 2005 until spring 2006) Gedalya Naveh photographed the process of the market's decline. After its demolition the market was converted into a temporary parking lot until a high-rise complex is built on the site.
In his work Naveh combines color and black-and-white photographs taken with an analog camera with expired films, and a pinhole camera. Thus he creates an additional focal point of interest - a vanishing world photographed using a vanishing technology.
Naveh creates a dreamlike atmosphere; the experience of destruction is seen as a surrealistic hallucination. The decision to photograph the site in its interim stage - from being a vibrant wholesale market and its transformation into a construction site with high-rise buildings - enabled him to draw attention to the way in which the old and familiar world is disappearing, to be replaced by a new one.


Curator: Kineret Palti

Opens: January 7

Closes 28 February 2009