In the Real Estate World

Wilma Morgan, photographs


In Eilat, like in all other parts of Israel, any green strip of land may be turned into real estate. Wilma Morgan photographed building sites that have replaced the city's parks and green strips. The building sites in her photographs respond to the fantasies which the developers offer, and appear as enchanted worlds with their own aesthetics. The majority of construction workers are Chinese, however the safety signs in the photographs are written exclusively in Hebrew and Arabic. Morgan draws the spectators' attention to the aesthetics of building materials and tools. Wheelbarrows, ladders, bricks, piles of metal pieces and sacks of cement are the protagonists of her work. Her work is a feminine view of a masculine environment, in which the monochromatic colors and the treatment of light create a soft and unique atmosphere.


Curator: Kineret Palti

Opens: July 2

Closes: August 31, 2009