A Window Along the Way

 Dalia Limor, photographs


Many Israelis spend their leisure time traveling and hiking. For years Dalia Limor has been traveling with a group of friends and photographing the changing landscapes through the car window during the journey. Sometimes the group goes by car and occasionally by bus or jeep, and the perspective

in these photographs changes according to the type of vehicle. The landscapes in the photographs shift from north to south, and meticulous use of the reflections in the windows often blurs between the outside and inside. Limor also photographs parts of the vehicle's interior: a mirror, a window frame, an armrest, a profile or silhouette, and these elements together with photographs taken at different times of the day and night, concretize the experience of the journey for the spectators.


Curator: Kineret Palti

Opens: September 3

Closes: November 1, 2009