Photographs, Shlomit Haight


Shlomit Haight's photographs are of objects from her parent's home which after their death found their way into her own home. They are charged with history, reflect personal taste, and represent a generation that emigrated from Poland in the 1940s. The photographs are moving and infused with family history.
Shlomit Haight's close-ups reveal an encounter between East European and Israeli culture: fragile glass plates, well-worn volumes of the Aviv encyclopedia, a small porcelain plate with floral decorations, or a children's book in Hebrew with stories by Janusz Korczak and Charles Dickens; in her work she uses the soft afternoon light, thus accentuating the vulnerability of the objects and the feeling of warmth and closeness she feels for them. Shlomit deals with the passage of time from both the aesthetic and content-related aspects: the small porcelain box, one side of which is broken, a pink sweater her mother knitted which is now partly unraveled, a childhood book, For Girls, is lying on the chest of drawers in the corner of the bedroom, and on its cover a picture of a girl cleaning a window, with the caption: "And it would not hurt boys to know too." All these reflect the time that has passed upon the objects, but also show the changes in culture and consciousness that took place in Israel since then.


Curator: kineret Palti

Opens: November 5, 2009

Closes: January 30, 2010