The Kalderon Café

 Photography, Shmuel Binstock


The central axis in Shmuel Binstock’s photographs is the Kalderon Café on the Bat Yam seashore, but the true protagonist is the city itself. The café was built by the brothers Kalderon, who came from Salonika. They were life-savers on the Bat Yam beach more than 40 years ago. Over time the café became an institution where people from many cultures convened – people from Libya, Bulgaria, Greece, etc. They were all united by their love for the sea, and a special atmosphere was created. The café recently shut down. Most of the photographs were taken early in the morning or towards evening. Binstock created an enchanted atmosphere in his pictures, due to the fact that he took the photographs against the source of light, and his Bat Yam becomes an interesting and vivacious town. The power in his photographs lies in his capacity to make simple everyday situations into special occasions.


Curator: Kineret Palti

Opens: March 11

Closes: June 6, 2010