Local Testimony 2010

Local Testimony is an annual photojournalism exhibition which has been held in Israel since 2003. The exhibition displays the reality of our region alongside the 
World Press Photo exhibition. Local Testimony provides a stage for the cultural qualities of the photographs created, concretizing its social importance. Photojournalism reveals the humane and complex aspects of our existence which are not always fully exposed in conventional media.
Three hundred photographers submitted their work to this year’s contest. Out of the 7,600 images sent - a 25 percent increase over the previous year - the jury selected the 300 winning photographs. Among the 54 winners there are several new names, as well as a growing number of Palestinians. This attests to the trust the photographers put in the selection process, the editorial board and jury, and their professional loyalty and commitment to the quality of the photographs.
During Local Testimony’s years of activity it has been increasingly recognized as an endeavor that concentrates and represents the important pictures that document Israel’s reality. This year for the first time the exhibit will take place at the Eretz Israel Museum in Tel Aviv, attesting to the extent documentary photography is relevant to all aspects of our life, and has become extremely significant from the point of view of creativity and history.
The 2009 exhibition presents a wide range of photographs that document both the 
Israeli and the Palestinian environment, revealing the different layers of the reality in 
which we live. This year’s exhibition provides an opportunity to look directly at scenes from Gaza, some of which are displayed for the first time at a public venue. 








Curator: Dana Gillerman

Initiator and Manager: Dana Wohlfeiler-Lalkin


December 16, 2010 - January 15, 2011