Sequences; Identities

Israeli Jewelry 5


Jewelry is traditionally perceived as a visual declaration of social status and identity. It attests to belonging, power, economic status, gender role, ethnic origin, and belonging to a social group. This is why young people pierce their bodies, wear “Gothic" accessories; people of color declare their ethnic belonging through symbols, hairstyles, jewelry, etc.
Highlighting differences and contrasts between statuses and social groups has always characterized human thinking. But today, in the global age, a change has been made possible by annulling hierarchies and creating identities that are based on merging and fusing, thus producing a sequence of possibilities. Examples can be seen in marriages between two people who come from different ethnic origin, race, or nation; the creation of immigrant cultures in target countries; the mixture of languages and customs and the array of possibilities for sexual and gender identity. The accessibility and availability of cultures enable a combination of sequences and spaces that link between seemingly opposite poles. Through fused and combined situations possibilities emerge for expanding borders, changing outdated perceptions, and leaving restrictive stereotypes behind.
The exhibit comprises works of 85 artists and designers.


Curator: Sigal Barkai

Opens: May 15
Closes: October 16, 2010