Sharmanka & Cabaret Mechanical Theatre



Sharmanka Kinetic Theatre
The exhibit is an enchanting and bizarre performance without human performers; the stars are the wondrous machines created by the artist Eduard Bersudsky – they click and tick, ring, turn around, sing, and present a different and unique perception of the relationship between human beings and machines, human beings and the theatre, reality and imagination, junk and art.
The audience sits down in front of the machines replete with different and strange details, and the show begins. The machines ring and click and clang and whir into action: each one tells a story in perfect order and orchestration. The machines, the stars of the show, are made of found  scrap material, and complex wood carvings, depicting animals, human beings and hybrids who look as if they walked out of Bosch’s  paintings, carvings in medieval cathedrals, and the rich Russian folk carving tradition. The bells rings, the hammers knock, metal wings flap, weights go up and down, multicolored characters turn around, mysterious animals, appear and disappear, and so on and so forth.The machines unique and full of character, one is almost tempted to say –full of  soul. Their creator, Eduard Bersudsky, was a conscientious objector who became voluntarily mute under the communist regime in the Soviet Union, and during that period his works of art expressed what he could not express verbally.
He wanted his sculptures to move, and in 1967 created his first Kinemat – as he calls his moving sculpture. Many followed and filled the intimate performance space that he created in his home in Leningrad (St. Petersburg). After the Perestroika Bersudsky and his collaborator, theater director Tatyana Jakovskaya, were invited to tour with their collection, and so they ended up in Glasgow, Scotland, were they are now based.
The machines 'speak' in turn, each telling its own story - some with personal references, others with cultural ones, others more universal, each as mesmerizing as the previous one.


Opens: July 12 
Closes: October 10, 2010 

Cabaret Mechanical Theatre 
A vibrant and playful exhibit of mechanical toys and amusing and thought-provoking

 automata operated by the press of a button. All the exhibits were created by artisans,

producing works of art that combine imaginative artistic design with remarkable technical capabilities.
The people, animals, and diverse creatures that come to life and move by pressing a button are operated by cogwheels, cranks, rubber bands. and wooden sticks, in the age-old tradition of accurate manual mechanical instruments. The Cabaret Mechanical Theatre was started some 30 years ago in England, and since then new artists have joined the group, producing a diverse selection now showing in Israel. The Cabaret Mechanical Theatre shows its collections throughout the world, a collection of intriguing and surprising works that offer a keen, ironical and original worldview. Among the artists whose works are on view are Paul Spooner, Ron Fuller, Peter Markey and Matt Smith.
There are some 40 items in the exhibition, which is taking place the Eretz Israel Museum, Tel Aviv, all operated by the visitors, providing enjoyment and amusement for all ages.
Closes: October 10, 2010.