Yosef Ironi, photographer

Yosef Ironi was born in Lodz, Poland, in 1903 and immigrated to Palestine with his parents when he was three years old. In 1918 he began working in Avraham Soskinís photography laboratory, and in 1926 went to study in Paris.  After completing one year of study in Leipzig he opened the Phototechnica photography studio in Tel Aviv, and three years later moved with his family to Balfouria.

Yosef Ironi continued to work in photography as well as agriculture, and over decades photographed Emek Yizrael, until his death in 1968. His studio photos are carefully staged, and his work is professional with a spontaneous and humoristic touch; his style is unique, rendering his work particularly important in the history of photography in Palestine and Israel.
Curator: Kineret Palti
Opens: September 3

Closes: Dcember 7, 2010