Saturday Morning

The Ben Shemen Forest, Rabin Park, Yarkon Park, the Dolphinarium beach and the Rishon landing strip: time and place play an important role in Zvi Marcusís photographs. These are the places where he took pictures of people who engage in sports activities in nature on Saturday mornings, as part of their day of rest. In his photographs nature is the center of gravity, and people integrate into it in a way that underscores their initial temporariness. The choice of this type of photograph enables him also to place emphasis on the experience of detaching oneself from daily pressure which is made possible in nature, and the physical effort and concentration required of those who engage in sports such as trekking bikes, windsurfing, rowing on a river, riding horses or flying model airplanes.  The way he manipulates the light and the frame structure adds a shroud of mystery to his work and intensifies the presence of nature.
Zvi Marcusís photographic series portrays wandering in local landscapes, and at the same time examines our relationship with these landscapes from an angle which is neither historical nor political, but merely one of pleasure.

Curator: Kineret Palti
Opens: October 19 

closes: December 19, 2010