Hadar Yosef

Photographers Natan Shehori 


The pictures in this exhibition are the result of my rambling in the urban space I love Tel Aviv. The present stroll, not far from home, took me to Hadar Yosef, a modest and colorful neighborhood which continued to exist in the heart of the northern neighborhood on the other side of the Yarkon River. Hadar Yosef was built in 1946; combining old and new, its houses reflect its history in diverse building styles.
A chance stroll through Hadar Yosef took me behind the scenes - through alleys and yards. I discovered a meeting place of abounding and thriving nature and rundown and dilapidated objects; chairs standing in a back yard a cordial invitation to spend a restful afternoon; wooden poles or fabric and plastic sheets in brilliant colors testify to the need of the neighborhood residents to demarcate borders and separate the private from the public.

The desire to preserve the memory of the unique appearance of this small neighborhood goaded me to hurry and capture the transient and the changing which accompanied the change of residents and the wave of reconstruction that has descended upon this area. I chose to document the shapes and colors without stopping to ask questions about the values of beauty and ugliness. I wanted to point out the materials through which the residents chose to shape their existential space, and document their attempt to design the entrance to their homes, yards, alley, with their own hands, and commemorate this special neighborhood a moment before it turns into yet another group of high-rise buildings, with steel-framed windows, landscaped gardens and processed-metal fences. Another luxurious and impersonal neighborhood.


Curator: Kineret Palti

Opens:June 17

Closes: July 31, 2010