Blue Mimosa

The ceramicist Hadas Rosenberg-Nir was awarded the first Andy Prize, which was initiated by Charles Bronfman in commemoration of his late wife, Andy Bronfman. The prize is awarded to artists in Israel who engage in different spheres of art (ceramics, jewelry, textile and glass).
Rosenberg-Nir’s ceramic work contain the inner tension between art and design, between ceramics as art material and ceramics as part of a long tradition of practical objects and decorative items. They are also artistic objects in every sense, and as such conduct a dialogue with the history of ceramics and its status as a field identified with the full range - the practical, therapeutic and artistic.
The major images here – an accordion, a puppy, a panther, a house, a jug, architectural and design forms – create a world which maintains within itself both the undomesticated and the cultured, the instinctual and the unexpected alongside the rational and organized. The wooden furniture upon or inside which the works are positioned, serve as platforms, and also locate the works in a protective domestic context. Their enveloping and supportive presence constitutes a perpetual reminder of the ingrained fragility of ceramic objects.
The meticulousness of work in the different ceramic techniques, besides being an impressive technical achievement, shows something about a pointed self-awareness of ceramics as a field replete with stereotypes and prejudices. From within the disciplinary directives of ceramics, Rosenberg-Nir seeks to create a disruption or malfunction of the appearance of perfect beauty characteristic of ceramic objects. The name of the exhibit indicates the duality along which Rosenberg-Nir’s work operates – the blue mimosa is a strong and resilient plant that grows along the wayside. Its name lingers throughout the exhibit, the essence of which is grueling and prolonged work, a meticulous creation of fragile objects.

Curator: Ruti Direktor
Opens May 16, closes September 2, 2006