The Sixth Biennale of Israeli Ceramics

Ceramic design: Techno.logical Implements


110 ceramic artists and designers are participating in the sixth biennale of ceramics currently taking place at the Eretz Israel Museum, and are exhibiting the best of their recent work. The common denominator shared by various ceramicists who engage in pottery, design and sculpture frequently relates to working and processing methods in clay; in recent years new and fascinating technologies have been developing among artists in all fields of design, based on the understanding that innovation in this field will necessarily bring about new insights and a link between creative work in clay and the technological world surrounding us.

The exhibition's broad context is the relationships between human beings and technology as manifested in contemporary ceramic design. This relationship will also be manifested as a subject in its own right through ceramic material as well as through the use of diverse processing methods.

From this point of departure  artists and designers who work in clay were invited to develop a contemporary interpretation of the term "the technology of ceramics" while reexamining traditional working methods and their contribution to contemporary ceramic design. In this space between culture and technology diverse encounters may take place: between the traditional and the contemporary, between high-tech and low-tech, between the material, virtual and digital. These encounters generated work which enables the identification of new trends that stem from technological changes which reflect the essential cultural changes taking place before our eyes, conveying the term "technology of ceramics"  in a contemporary and original language. The exhibition is held with the cooperation of the Ceramic Artists Association in Israel.


Curator: Shlomit Bauman

Open: February 15

Closes: June 15, 2011