Everything is Made of Gold

The wonders of the fabrics embroidered in gold


The exhibit follows golden embroidery from different countries, and the dissemination of this art - which mandates special skills – following conquests, commercial routes and wandering. This embroidery is designed for royal, , religious and family ceremonies in Judaism, Christianity, and the Islam.
A large group of fabric and costumes embroidered in gold, which survived the wanderings of the Jews of Turkey and the Balkan countries, is particularly notable in the exhibit. The exhibit also displays capes and lavish items from the days of the Ottoman Empire; golden embroidery was one of its splendid artistic fields and also served the kings and queens of Europe for tents, flags and luxurious capes.  Golden embroidery came from Asia and the Silk Route – India, Persia, Uzbekistan, Iraq, Morocco, Tunisia, etc.
Among the exhibits: sheets for the bed of a woman giving birth made of satin embroidered in gilded metal thread, pillowcases, fabric, and ornamental curtain covering for the synagogue, covers for prayer books, satchels for phylacteries, dresses and jackets designed for festive ceremonies, yarmulkes for men and head coverings for women, shoes, bags, festive jackets for men, forehead decorations, belts, wall carpets, etc.

Curator: Curator: Nitza Baharuzi-Baroz
Opens: June 25

Closes: October 30, 2007