The Borochov Neighborhood, Givatayim


The Dov Ber Borochov worker's neighborhood was established east of Tel Aviv in 1922. For years it was run as a cooperative, a kind of urban kibbutz. The neighborhood's articles of association included a clause that ruled out renting rooms in the houses that would be built, and another clause banned employing workers and conducting private commerce within the neighborhood. The neighborhood's cultural life centered around the home of Avraham Aldema, where cultural and sing-a-long evenings and Haohel, Habima and Hamatateh theater performances were held. In 1927 an amphitheatre was inaugurated in the neighborhood, where assemblies and theatrical performances were held, later becoming the famous city stadium - Hamachtesh.

In 1942, 20 years after it was established, the neighborhood joined its neighbor and became part of the local council of Givatayim, which became a city in 1959.