The Square of Illusions


Photography: Daniella Kodish


Numerous photographers have documented events that took place at the Rabin Square in Tel Aviv. The majority took pictures of special events characteristic of the square; demonstrations, cultural and sports events, street parties, etc. Kodish concentrates on life at the square between the big events. The everyday life and preparations for various events which are also part of quotidian life at the square. Two people walking toward one another, behind them a stage is being set up for some event, the new fountain surrounded by young people sitting, basking in the sun and talking; a few pigeons at the corner of the square in a blinding light, the glimpse of huge portrait of a woman seen through the trees, part of an advertisement hanging on one of the square's buildings.

Kodish adds to these photographs other pictures in which the gaze is dreamlike, blurring reality and transforming familiar scenes from the square into an illusion. These photos create a feeling that perhaps everything that takes place at the square is, in fact, an illusion, including the hope for peace which is so strongly identified with it.


Curator: Kineret Palti

Closes: June 27, 2012