The Ramla-Lod Market


Photographs: Reuven Greenberg


There are permanent markets in Ramlah and Lod, and in addition - the Ramlah-Lod market, that moves between the two cities. The vendors set up their stalls once a week: on Tuesdays in Lod and on Wednesdays in Ramlah. This exhibition is the results of a year's documentation of this joint market.

The market constitutes a kind of microcosm of the two cities: religions, tastes and cultures are intertwined. The vendors arrive at dawn in vans abounding with merchandise and food. They cover their merchandise with canvass tents. In another part of the market peddlers spread out their goods out on the ground and offer their wares: household equipment, furniture, paintings, objects of art and Judaica, clothing, antiques, old electrical equipment, records, audio devices, fabric, shoes, spices, and so on and so forth.

A mixture of buyers frequents the markets, Jews and Arabs alike. This is a real melting pot of coexistence where the atmosphere is enjoyable. Reuven Greenberg photographed the Ramlah-Lod market and in his work you may find a slice of life - colorful and vibrant - which contains almost anything and everything.


Curator: Kineret Palti