Pincas 45


Photography: Lily Shaltiel


The photos on display were taken by Lily Shaltiel at a flower and gift shop on 54 Pincas St., Tel Aviv, in the course of one year. A flower shop is a place where the seasons, the holidays, love affairs, daily life, happiness and sorrow all come alive.

The shop is divided into three areas: A space where goods are displayed and sold, a closed work area, and a yard.  Twelve women, most of whom came to Tel Aviv from Northern and Southern Israel, work shifts at the shop.

The camera captures the aesthetics of everyday life at the shop: Trucks parked in the street unloading flowers of different kinds and colors, a woman raking leaves, a box of vegetables on a shelf. Next to these sights are special events and their typical aesthetics: Gifts and decorations for Love Day, a wreath prepared for a funeral, and white ribbons ready for a wedding.

The work of Lily Shaltiel reflects the attention with which she shows the contrast between the shop's routine and the beauty of the flowers and gifts that surround its workers.


Curatore: Kineret Palti

Closes: April 29, 2013