The Seventh Biennale of Israeli Ceramics

Imprinting on Clay

Cultural Memory in Israeli Ceramic Art


Cultural memory is the subject matter of the seventh biennale of Israeli ceramics, which aims to explore its manifestations in contemporary ceramic artworks in Israel.

The biennale deals with artworks whose creation is motivated by cultural awareness that contemplates the present or the past, and by the ability to be attentive to cultural memory absorbed by intergenerational transfer.

The works on display relate to various past and present cultural representations in individual or collective contexts. They link with different cultures and artistic trends, to the history of ceramics in general, and to the history of Israeli ceramic in particular. Together with a discussion of culture and memory, they also observe contemporary material culture with a critical eye.

The diverse works on display give rise to a dialogue between past and present, local and Western culture, traditional and contemporary material culture, handicrafts and digital products, the individual and the collective, the particular and the global.

A broad variety of art languages are on display, as well as experiences in Israeli contemporary ceramic art. The artists whose works are exhibited share an ability to touch on various cultural contexts and integrate them into their personal artistic language, generating a new interpretation.


Curator: Anat Gatenio

Closes: November 10, 2013