Benny Vodo, Photographer

The works on display cover but a small part of the much broader scope of Vodo's work since he graduated his photography studies at Sapir College. His work reveals that he is exploring the idea of identity, is involved in introspection, and it attempting to define one essence that is made of many extremes. Vodo has absorbed different worlds and spheres that are seeking to find a place and declare themselves within his person. The present series pursues self observation through a pagan-like ritual, and may give birth to the insight that contains a definition of personal identity. He shares with us a ritual in which he is being reborn, discarding another existence, through a struggle between white and black, between the external and the internal, between the embryo and the man. We are in a womb, in the darkness where a metamorphosis is occurring that ends by assuming an identity. The cracks in the skin, the desire to break out and the pain this causes grip the onlooker, as does the outstanding photographic and esthetic quality. In this series, Vodo also conducts a dialogue with the world of photography. One cannot but recall the wonderful perfect nude black male photographs taken by Robert Mapplethorpe in New York in the 1970's and 1980's.


Closes: June 10, 2013