Tales in Sand 2

The biggest summer event in Tel Aviv


Tens of large sand statues will be built this summer in the museum's garden by the artists of the Dutch World Sand Sculpting Academy and their Israeli colleagues. This time the artists, who exhibited their work two years ago in the museum and intrigued visitors with their talent for creating wonders in the sand, will design huge statues that depict characters and stories taken from children's literature and from the Bible; among the children' books - The Little Prince, The Three musketeers, Peter and the Wolf, Tarzan, Alice in Wonderland, Hans the little Dutch Boy. The biblical stories will include David and Goliath, the crossing of the Red Sea, King Solomon and the Queen of Sheba, Jonah and the whale.

The exhibit's opening hours will be in the evenings, when the statues will be illuminated in extraordinary artistic lighting. The children will be able to try their hand and build statues in the sand under the guidance of the artists, take part in organized activities, and enjoy a wonderful and creative family experience.


Closes: August 26th 2013


Production: Amy Lowenthal



Photographer: Rafi Delouya



Photographer: Rafi Delouya



Photographer: Rafi Delouya