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Yossi Halban, photography


Over a found year period Halban photographed four couples at their weddings and during preparations for their wedding. Weddings and preparations are charged with emotions which heighten as the date nears; these intense emotions draw their power from fantasies and from expectations of married life. The wedding guests also partake in these emotions. The photographs draw a humorous picture that reveals the gap between the efforts invested in preparations for the yearned-for day and everyday life that follows.

The majority of photographs are in black and white so that the event can be separated from reality, thus accentuating the fantasy and even the drama. These are stressed by the cuts and close-ups.

Perhaps contradictory to expectations, the photographs show more men than women busy in preparations. The best man is shown adjusting the groom's tie, the groom is shown sitting in a car smoking a cigarette, sitting with two friends, holding the bride's bouquet.

In numerous photos the bride and groom are seen embracing or walking off into the sunset, enveloped in smoke, the guests dancing and singing, and a crate of eggplants waiting for the frying pan.



Curator: Kineret Palti

Closes: July 20, 2013