Friday Night Dinner

Merav Stark, photographs


Merav Stark documented her family's traditional Friday night dinner over a two-year period. For the past 30 years some twenty people convene regularly in her father's small apartment, where he cooks the meals. The regulars in these particularly vivacious meals, brimming with life and humor are relatives and friends. The photographs reflect a joie de vivre, incessant movement, and one can sense the noise and commotion. All the people dining - old and young alike - help in setting and clearing the table, and washing the dishes.

There are two groups of photographs in the exhibit: one depicts the table, setting the table before the meal and clearing the dishes afterwards. The other group presents the family members and friends These photographs seems like theatrical scenes with numerous participants, and reflect the bond between family members and the special atmosphere which they created over the years. The force of Stark's work derives from the unrestrained behavior of the people photographed, which enables her to create a true and authentic family portrait.



Curator: kineret Palti

Closes: January 30, 2014