The Illustrated Version

Illustrating Israeli Culture


How do you accord a visual representation to a story, a musical piece, a theater or dance performance, without resorting to clichés? How do you transfer a complex and multi-layered world into one image, devoid of words? What do you do when there are no names or photographs of famous actors or singers, and you cannot - or do not want - to select the easy solution and produce one more run-of-the-mill Hollywood poster that celebrates the star and not the work?

Creators from all fields of culture cope with this challenge of creating an intriguing, attractive, original and unusual image each time anew. One way of solving the problem is to turn to the illustrators since illustration frequently sheds light on another work of art, another text, and tells a story that cannot always be told in words. Thus, by creating strong, impressive, precise, and powerful images, designed to capture the attention of the viewer, illustrators play an important role in the representation of culture, while taking advantage of the endless freedom embodied in illustration.

This exhibit shows illustrations that were created over the past five years (2009-2014), in a wide spectrum of techniques by the best Israeli illustrators.

The illustrations will be exhibited as artistic works in their own right and as the final product. Thus you will be able to see the work and messages they convey devoid of any marketing considerations, and see the different styles of contemporary illustration, which has been flourishing in recent years in Israel and throughout the world.


Curator: Yuval Saar 

Closes: December 10, 2014