Reading Terminal

Esti Meidan, photography


The Reading Terminal is in north Tel Aviv near the Yarkon River. Meidan photographed the terminal as a promise, without photographing the city itself. She remained at the entrance and scrutinized the events in the terminal as if in a miniature world: cars driving in and out (except for a light-blue caravan which is for sale; it is parked there permanently and changes its location from time to time), tiny birds moving along the asphalt between the cars, tempting advertisements hinting at what awaits those who cross the Rubicon which is the Yarkon River. A small building which serves the vehicle mechanics has become a kind of home away from home, with a chicken coop, a small yard and an assortment of items - an entire universe in a seemingly ordinary area. The photographs reflect change and renewal, changing times, order and disorder, promise and enticement, emotion and loneliness in a large area - the Reading Terminal.


Curator: Kineret Palti

Closes: September 16, 2014