Blossoming with Age

Blossoming with Age is a social-art project that manifests the vitality and creative skills of senior adults in Israel. Under the initiative and guidance of artist ShlomitHepher, 1,600 adults created 10,000 exquisite ceramic flowers.

The project, which was carried out on a purely voluntary basis, includes some 70 centers for senior adults throughout the country - from the Golan Heights in the north to theAyalot region in the south - and presents the burgeoning creative talent which exists in each of us irrelevant of our chronological age.

The participants, many of whom never engaged in creative work (for some it was their first encounter with working in clay) showed the joy which accompanies creativity and the ability of self-expression. Each one made a flower that embodied his or her inner and private world. ShlomitHepher assembled all the flowers together to render a common worldview that represents the Third Age as a creative community that can and wishes to contribute to society.


The project seeks to present a different angle from that presented in the media regarding the life senior adults, one that expresses joie de vivre, the willingness to study, and a desire to create and contribute. Recognition of these capacities may effect a change in the approaches and prevalent perceptions in this context. As a society, we should give senior adults the opportunity to enjoya full and qualitative life since these are people aboundinginzeal, abilities, skills and creativity. All one needs is a bit of attention, a willingness to see them as they really are, and suddenly one sees a huge fieldof vivid color and a joint activity.


Curator: Shlomit Hepher

Closes: April 11, 2015