Haim Kimchi, photography


The main theme in Haim Kimchi's work is dance as a form of pleasure.

For a period of about 18 months he accompanied groups of young people who meet in Tel Aviv in order to dance vintage dances of the early of the 20th century such as the swing, lindy hop, blues, while other groups dance the salsa.

The dancing community is diverse from the point of view of age and occupation, and maintains ties with similar communities around the world, taking part in joint events and festivals.

The photographs in this exhibition concentrate on body language, movement, the unique dress for this type of dance, and on the dancers' total devotion and joie de vivre. The groups meet in different locations in the city, at times in halls, and at times in the street, such as the Dizengoff Square, the boardwalk, Rothschild Boulevard and Sheinkin Street.

Kimchi's work creates a surrealistic connection between the dancers who are of a different time and place, and the Tel Aviv streets and its passersby.

Thanks to the Salsa, Dance Tel Aviv, Holy Lindy Land, Florentine without whom this personal project would not have been possible.


Curator: Kineret Palti

Closes: December 31, 2014