The Dancing Machine

A colorful, stimulating humorous and thought-provoking exhibit of mechanical toys and automata, which the spectators can operate by pressing a button. All the exhibits were made by artists who work in wood and with mechanical objects for the Cabaret Mechanical Theatre in Great Britain, and are masterpieces that combine imaginative artistic design and impressive technical abilities.

The people, animals, and all other creatures come to life and begin moving, all by pressing a button which works assorted components such as cogwheels, levers, rubber bands, and wood chips in visible mechanisms which maintain old long-standing traditions that involve precise manual mechanical instruments.

The Cabaret Mechanical Theatre is exhibiting its worldwide collection - intriguing and surprising work that offers a witty, ironic, and original worldview. Among the artists whose work is exhibited here are Paul Spooner, Ron Fuller, Peter Markey, and Matt Smith. There will be scores of exhibits that offer amusement and fun for all ages.

A large workshop will operate alongside the exhibition in which visitors - children and adults alike - will be able design and build a machine based on their own imagination.


Closes: October 17, 2015