And There Shall be Bread

Oren Shalev, a food photographer who has taken thousands of frames of the best dishes and restaurants in Israel, replaced natural lighting with a nocturnal adventure. She exchanged the warm and romantic lighting of a dim bakery for cold neon lights, the scene culminating with the loaves of bread sliding down into the blazing oven.

"The professional challenge as a photographer was to create a series of warm photographs in cold neon lighting, devoid of movement, due to the small size of the bakery and the dynamic action in a space designated for bakers only - there was no time nor place for directing, or repeating any action, and the focused photography took place will minimal interference."

Work in the bakery coincides with set and precise choreography; the creative experience is the result of the photographer's alertness and passion, which is the most important lens filter.

Oren invented a story photographed through contact with the raw materials, with Rami, the baker, pinching the dough to check if it reached the right texture, his sensual kneading movements and the sight of the bread loaves with the hoped-for crust when they emerge from the oven.

The hand movements make it possible to imagine the face of the bakers outside the frame, and invite the spectator to feel as if they themselves are kneading the dough.