Israeli Glass 2015

The exhibition displays the works of 62 selected local artists from the last four years. This is the third time that the Eretz Israel Museum is holding such an exhibition (in 2007, and in 2011) in an effort to survey the local glass scene and draw an updated picture of the contemporary artistics expression in glass.

The exhibition brings together mature glass artists, who have exhibited their work in the Museum repeatedly in the past, alongside emerging artists, as well as, artists from different backgrounds who work in a broad range of media, at times also in glass.

Ranging from tiny and intimate objects to large sculptures, from wall hangings to floor and ceiling works, and from room-size installations to conceptual works, the exhibits display a vast assortment of sources of inspiration, patterns of thought and artistic practices, alongside a broad scope of work processes (from lampworking and blowing, through warm glass techniques such as, molding, fusing, and slumping, to coldwork). Referencing different fields of knowledge and culture the presented works range from figurative to abstract sculptural statements, from realistic to illusionistic works, from personal concerns and aspirations to themes dealing with the inter-human sphere, from personal narratives to critical commentaries on universal social and political issues - they all use glass both aesthetically and metaphorically.

The scope and diversity of the works display innovative approaches and involvement in contemporary art issues, as well as the creative and imaginative ways glass is being exploited by Israeli artists as a medium for artistic expression.


Curator: Henrietta Eliezer Bruner

Closes: June 20, 2015



Baby carriages are not allowed in the exhibition due to security reasons.

Please accept our apologies.