Facing the Sea

Ofir Naot, photographs


For years, Ofir Naot has been documenting bathers on the Herzlia beach, focusing on their daily routine life. He underscores body language and light. His photographs are black-and-white moments of pleasure on the beach: a little girl walking with her dog, two men in conversation, children jumping over the waves, two youngsters playing paddle ball, two little girls hugging one another, and more. Many of his subjects are photographed from the back, standing or sitting, and facing the sea. This creates three points of view - that of the spectator, the photographer and the swimmer. The black and white photographs distance us from reality and add a dramatic element to simple and naïve scenes. In his photographs, Naot transforms the routine into the fascinating, the peripheral into the center, while the everyday is intensified.



Closes: June 28, 2015