A Matter of Time / Israeli Jewelry 7

This exhibition reveals the museum's involvement in Israel's cultural history and local identity, and displays Israeli jewelry design in the past and present in two parts: the history of jewelry in Israel alongside contemporary jewelry.

The historical part, first one of its kind in scope, reviews 60 years of multicultural work since the waves of immigration soon after the establishment of the state, and presents works of well-known and less know jewelry makers who paved the way for international recognition which artistic jewelry design in Israel has gained.

The contemporary part presents approximately 100 works of over 50 Israeli artists. Most of the jewelry was made over the past year, and all can be worn. The works excel in originality and experimentalism and reflect the reality of our lives as they raise questions about inner and external time, the one-time and the duplicated, preservation and deterioration, memory and mementos, transience and eternality, life and death, war and peace.


Curator: Dr. Iris Fishof

Closes: February 28, 2016