Anat Ofarim-Alami, photographs


Anat Alami-Ofarim returns to the realms of her childhood in Kibbutz Givat Hashlosah, where she grew up. She left the kibbutz and later returned. The nature in the kibbutz, situated in the center of Israel, is the main protagonist of her work, and her children experience it as it is today, as she did in her childhood. It is a diverse Israeli scene, untamed and basic, the kind that is slowly disappearing: fields, streams, a forest, age-old trees, ponds with water lilies, and reeds.

For the family living in nature it is an everyday experience that takes place throughout the year. Therefore the photographs reflect passing time: hours, days, months and seasons change; a bonfire under a full moon, seasonal crops in the fields, catching butterflies, fishing. Her poetic pictures seek to arouse awareness to the beauty of nature and the importance of preserving it.

The black-and-white photographs distance the images from contemporary reality and help Alami-Ofarim to bridge over the years, between her childhood and that of her children. The photos are reminiscent of another period: this is how the kibbutz children appeared in photographs from the mid-20th century. Knowing that these works were taken over the past two years is one of the main points of interest.


Curator: Kineret Palti

Closes: January 10, 2016