Touching the periphery

Photographs, Yossi Giora


Yossi Giora's journey to the periphery derived largely from his desire to study localities that are not the focal point of the establishment, which chooses to ignore them, leaving them in a constant battle to secure a livelihood, education and resources. He chose three towns: Lod, Kiryat Shmonah and Beit Shemesh.

The photographs were taken over the weekends. Giora sought to examine how the urban environment in general, and residential areas in particular, reflect the residents' circumstances, and weekends were found suitable.

In his work, Giora seeks to support his impression: in these localities, where the establishment provides little investment, direction and nurture, the residents enjoy the freedom to consolidate their environment in the spirit of local communital culture, and therefore their living space is diverse and interesting. He believes that one can easily discern the differences between communities whose residents have hope, and those who have despaired and given up. The photographs in Lod depict neighborhoods in which the residents have fenced themselves into "private" areas, or have independently extended their buildings, which do not always take the environment into consideration. In Kiryat Shmonah, where uniform neighborhoods were built, the residents cultivate the place with a negligible available budget, a fact that might seem to the outsider a sign of hope. There is also uniform housing in Beit Shemesh, but there the photographs show neglect which derives perhaps from indifference or desperation.

This is a personal journey that sheds light on places that are usually ignored.     



Curator: Kineret Palti

Closes: April 30, 2016