A Touch Away From Outlying Areas

Yossi Giora's journey to the periphery derived largely from his desire to study localities that are not the focal point of the establishment, which chooses...

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Bar Kokhba

The museum is presently working on a large exhibition to be displayed in early 2016. It will deal with the figure of Bar Kokhba and present the historical background...

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Absent Present

Photographs, Carmella Keet

Wandering was the basis of Carmella Keet's journeys while searching for abandoned and deserted buildings...

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Wildlife Photographer of the Year

The most important and exclusive exhibition of its kind, the initiative of London's Museum of Natural History and the BBC Worldwide, comprises a hundred striking...

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Temporary camps for new immigrants

Photographs: Edgar Hirshbein

Edgar Hirshbein was born in Yugoslavia in 1919...

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It is the Land of Honey

Tel Rehov in the Jordan Valley, one of the largest archeological sites in the Israel, has been excavated recently by archeologists from the Hebrew University...

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Around 5 Bilu Street

I was born and raised in Tel Aviv, and today, after more than three decades and before I return to live in the city, I retraced the routes I took on the streets...

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Wet-Fired - The Eighth Biannale of Israeli Ceramics 

The biennale is the largest and most comprehensive exhibit in its field; it takes place every two years at the Eretz Israel Museum, Tel Aviv...

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Israeli Collective Portrait

The project's objective was to photograph 1,000 portraits of Israeli students; Tel Aviv University took up the challenge and agreed to the project...

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Local Testimony 2016

Of all the settlements that were established in Israel in general and in the Negev in particular, Mitzpe Ramon remains prominent in its isolation, dimensions...

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Ajami, The Face of Darkness

The Jaffa neighbourhood of Ajami - a place of contrast and opposites, neglect and beauty, affluence and poverty, different communities...

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The White Cloth Napkin

The ten o'clock school break. Children spread out their ‘bon appetite' cloth napkins on the school desks underneath their sandwiches and apples...

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