Temporary camps for new immigrants

Photographs: Edgar Hirshbein


Edgar Hirshbein was born in Yugoslavia in 1919, and after fighting with the partisans in World War II, he immigrated to Palestine. Between 1947 and 1948 he worked as a free-lance photojournalist for Time- Life, and later for the Jerusalem Post, Ma'ariv, Yedioth Ahronot and Bamachaneh. Hirshbein documented the War of Independence, the siege on Jerusalem, the mass waves of immigration and Israel's wars. Later on he was involved in television filming (NBC and other networks), and as one of the owners of the company Sirtei Habirah created some 80 documentaries. In 1950 he documented the mass aliyah from Yemen, accompanying the new immigrants from Aden until they reached Israel (Operation Magic Carpet). He also taught at the Tel Aviv University as a senior lecturer in the film and television division of the Department of Art. In his photographs he created a personal language of documentary films in the spirit of modern photojournalism that developed in Europe from the mid-1930s.  The exhibition shows a selection of his photographs of the MA'ABAROT and new immigrant settlements in the early years of the State of Israel, in a unique and sensitive form of documentation.


Closes: August 31, 2016