The human body as a work of art


From time immemorial the tattooed body was a way of glorifying and defining humankind both individually and collectively.  The roots of the art of tattooing can be found in rites of passage rituals in native cultures; all tattoos throughout the world contain fragments of culture and history and also embody individual, social, ecological and spiritual values.

The worldwide culture of tattooing is currently enjoying a renewed historical examination; in the wake of modernization and globalization processes a new global social approach is developing which adopts the art of tattooing and recognizes its importance and uniqueness.

The exhibition deals with the history of the art of tattoo and presents the diverse contemporary artistic styles in Israel and abroad. It will also display the work of the tattoo anthropologist and photographer Dr. Lars Krutak, whose books, articles and journeys document the tattoo cultures of indigenous peoples all over the globe.

The exhibit devotes a large section to contemporary tattoo art and to the Israeli tattoo community, as it is captured in the lens of Kaakooa Project, alongside works of additional artists and photographers in Israel and abroad. it documents the ancient phenomenon of the Jerusalemite pilgrimage tattoo practiced by the Razzouk family and will include rare items and colorful documentation.


Curator: Yasmine Bergner

Closes: October 15, 2017