The Tel Aviv Biennale of Crafts & Design

An innovative museum project, held for the first time in Israel,

binding together all the fields of contemporary craft and design.


Biennale trailer


This huge exhibition seeks to draw an up-to-date picture of the intersecting worlds of craft and design in Israel - with an emphasis on ceramics, glass, jewelry design, textile and paper. The Biennale, which extends throughout the museum's various exhibition spaces, permanent displays and outdoor sites - presents the various fields intertwined for the first time in a large-scale exhibition.


Under the title "First Person.  Second Nature" this inaugural Biennale features some 250 works that range from sculptural objects, artworks, design items, site-specific and outdoor installations, video and sound works, performance and collaborative projects. The works present physical and conceptual materials related to the local and global cultural spheres.


Held in collaboration with the Israel Designer Craftsmen's Association, the Tel Aviv Municipality, and various academic art and design institutions, the Biennale presents some 300 Israeli craftspeople, industrial designers, fashion designers, multidisciplinary artists, architects, and more.  Among them prominent names such as: Uri Samet, Ayala Serfaty, Eitan Bartal, Dov Ganshrow, Vered Kaminski, Hila Amram, Liat Segal, Pesi Girsh, Farid Abu-Shakra, Ronit Baranga, Sarit Shani Hay as well as four academic research bodies: The Master's Degree Program in Industrial Design; The David and Barbara Blumenthal Center for Textile Research in Shenkar (CIRTex); and the Media Innovation Lab at the Herzliya Interdisciplinary Center (miLAB).


For the creation of the Biennale, one of the most comprehensive and challenging museal projects undertaken in Israel, participated some of the country's most highly qualified curators, designers and museum professionals.

Visit the Biennale's blog to know the works and the artists behind the works. 


Deputy Director, Chief Curator, Founder of the Biennale: Dr. Debby Hershman

Chief Curators: Henrietta Eliezer Brunner, Yuval Saar

Deputy Curators: Nir Harmat, Merav Rahat, Liora Rosin

Exhibition Design: Studio de Lange (Chanan de Lange)

Graphic Design: The League

Exhibition Installation: OBA Studio (Omri Ben Artzi)


2haim Levanon St. Ramat Aviv, Tel Aviv 69975


Monday, Wednesday     10 a.m-4 p.m.

Tuesday, Thursday        10 a.m-8 p.m

Saturday                        10 a.m-6 p.m

Friday                            10 a.m-2 p.m 




For the list of participants, click here

B BLOG - The Biennale blog, click here


Rise of the Lollipop Man, 2019, Boris Shpeizman, 200 hand-blown glass pieces. Photo: Yona Schley





Skyline, 2020, Avner Sher, outdoor installation overlooking Tel Aviv's city towers. Photo: Hadar Saifan



Requiem for materiality, 2017, Maya Gatenio. Graduation project, Dept. of Fashion Design,
The NB Haifa School of Design (under the guidance of Talia Bork). Photo: Micha Kizner





View of the main exhibition at the Rothschild Center: "Streets and squares". Photo: Hadar Saifan 





View of the main exhibition at the Rothschild Center: "Streets and squares." Photo: Hadar Saifan 





View of the main exhibition at the Rothschild Center: all the media are exhibited side by side
(glass, ceramics, textile, paper, wicker and more). Photo: Hadar Saifan 





View of the Migdal exhibition Gallery. Photo: Hadar Saifan 





The Biennale as hosted at the Glass Pavilion. Photo: Hadar Saifan   





The Biennale as hosted at the Man and His Work Center. Photo: Hadar Saifan   





The Biennale hosted at the Ceramics Pavilion. Photo: Hadar Saifan