The Tel Aviv Biennale of Crafts & Design Reconstructed Olive-Oil Plant

Titled First Person. Second Nature, the Tel Aviv Biennale brings together, for the first time, different fields of craft and design. The exhibition features some 250 works presented in various spaces throughout the museum, including the permanent displays and outdoor areas.

Khnum, the ram-headed Egyptian god who molded human beings on a potter's wheel out of the fertile mud of the Nile, served as the point of departure for a group of potters, instructors, and lecturers on ceramics. In their performance, filmed and presented in the Olive-Oil Plant, explores the connection between the human body and the ceramic bodies formed on the pottery wheel.

The Khnum Group: Noa Almagor Ben Dor, Hilla Dror, Ronen Yamin, Amnon Amos

Site-specific installation in the Reconstructed Olive Oil Plant: mixed-media video performance

Video photographer and director: Avner Shahaf; photographer: Yan Finkelberg; editing: Oscar Abosh;

sound editing: Tom Heled; decor and props: Karren Frenkel; guest artist: Doron Naama Gelfer

Khnoum, 2019, phot Noa Guez