The Tel Aviv Biennale of Crafts & Design The Flour Mill

Titled First Person. Second Nature, the Tel Aviv Biennale brings together, for the first time, different fields of craft and design. The exhibition features some 250 works presented in various spaces throughout the museum, including the permanent displays and outdoor areas.

The point of departure for the installation Cocoons is the raw ceramic material, which is used to explore life systems and evolution, gender and artistic creation. The installation is presented in the Flour Mill, built in the tradition of the flour mills that once operated in the north of the country. The accompanying music was specially composed for the installation.


Cocoon, 2019, Martha Rieger  

Site-specific installation, Flour Mill:

earthenware,rope; wheel thrown

Roping: Arik Eshel

Music: The work is accompanied by a soundtrack

composed by singers/composers Mika Sade and Mika Hary



Photo: Hadar Saifan