Local Testimony 2021

Yitzhak and Faina Helmaizer in their home after a rocket strike. Photo: Natan Dvir



The annual exhibition of Israeli and world photo-journalism


The Local Testimony and World Press Photo exhibitions are the most important and largest annual event in Israel and around the world for photo-journalism and documentary photography. Local Testimony, the annual exhibition of photo-journalism and documentary photography, provides a platform for local documentary photography, conveys its cultural qualities and manifests its social significance as an expression of complex aspects of the local reality. The winning photos were selected by an independent jury comprised of leading professionals in the spheres of photography, curating, and media. The categories are: News, Nature and Environment, Religion and Faith, Society and Community, Sport, Urbanism and Culture, and Long Exposure.

The international photo-journalism exhibition World Press Photo was founded in the Netherlands in the mid-1950s with the objective of encouraging free communication and excellence in the fields of photo-journalism and documentation. Since its establishment, the exhibition provides the most prestigious and longest-established platform for the best photo-journalists and documentary photographers in the world.

Curator: Gali Gur-Zeev       


November 19, 2021 - January 8, 2022



 A Homefront Command team conducting COVID-19 tests. Photo: Abir Sultan



A Palestinian youth during clashes following the killing of two demonstrators by IDF soldiers in the course of Operation Guardian of the Walls. Photo: Oren Ziv



Salt islets exposed by the receding water of the Dead Sea. Photo: Kobi Wolf