Republic of Wanderings

Postcard from David Vogel and his wife Ada to Devorah Baron. Vienna, June 3rd 1930



Republic of Wanderings

Letters from the World of Yesteryear


Republic of Wanderings uses texts and letters to depict the "social network" of the generation of early 20th-century Hebrew authors: young creative artists who travelled between the cities of Europe, which at the time were lively cultural centers attracting young people at the beginning of their careers.


The exhibition, prepared in cooperation with Gnazim Institute of the Hebrew Writer's Association, centers around letters and postcards that were the writers' main channel of communication. Through these, the "social network" of the period, the writers shared support, encouragement and inspiration. The special exhibition focuses on six Hebrew authors with fascinating biographies, travels and writings: Devorah Baron, Micha Yosef Berdichevsky, Yosef Haim Brenner, Uri Nissan Gnessin, David Vogel and Gershon Shofman.


The letters and postcards (some of which are displayed via QR technology that can be scanned by mobile devices) reveal the six writers' thought processes: the conflict involved in leaving one's home and religion, the story of their wanderings, the drive to write and the importance of publishing their work. Special emphasis is laid on the network of connections between the writers.

The presentation "Sights from the World of Yesteryear" includes moving photos of principal cities from the early 1900s. The audio-work from the "Archive", courtesy of the Israeli Center for Libraries, includes extracts from the writers' works read by leading Israeli presenters, allowing us to listen to a kind of podcast sending us warm greetings from the world of yesteryear.


Curator: Yona Harel
In cooperation with Gnazim Institute of the Hebrew Writer's Association.